It is a product pursuing AHM muffler at that time in a real way.

The clearance with the car body by the unique express pipeline is also the real specification.

Unique spring hook shape, silencer end cap is bolted to wire wiring specification.

Extreme tail pipe has power.

When idling, it changes to a treble like a thick bass and it goes out from about 5000 turns at a stretch.

It corresponds also to the bank angle which is also said to be the weak point of CB - F, and the muffler will never touch the deep bank angle even if the collecting part is a rhombic shape.

It is made to be superior in maintainability because it can be detached with a spring by attaching a flange while wearing the flange.

It is also possible to adjust the exhaust volume with a detachable end baffle.

Velasco tube muffler of CB-F which had been manufactured several times by one-off production before.

Thankfully, we received a lot of inquiries from customers from distant places, but until now, there were people who had to abandon as we responded as one-off items with the current car keeping.

There were lots of such voices and it was the carrying of the commercialization this time.

Built in pursuit of real is nothing like a one-off item (^ ^)

We are waiting for your inquiries, purchase, lots of contacts ~ (^ ^ ♪

For SSP Factory

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